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UNCITRAL WG II on Expedited Arbitration

At the most recent UNCITRAL Working Group II on dispute settlement, held in New York in February 2019, the issues of improving the quality and efficiency of arbitral proceedings through expedited arbitration was discussed.

  It was agreed that there was need to establish an acceptable international framework on expedited arbitration focusing on aspects such as appointment of emergency arbitrators, preliminary determination and early dismissal of cases by an arbitral tribunal and adjudication. Participants highlighted the vitality of such a set of rules, and the subsequent preparation of Application Guidance on Expedited Arbitration by the Working Group with a close linkage to the existing UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules to ensure flexibility and sound alternatives to parties (UN WG II Report). This area of reform takes into consideration the place of expedited arbitration in ensuring expediency of arbitral proceedings  and the need to protect the interests of parties whose rights are at stake.

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