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Antisuit Injunctions – Arbitration in Practice, Ms. Vee Vian Thien, 1 March

Regulatory State in China: Ambition, Power and Paradox, Mr. Frank Hong, 6 March

The Most Intelligent Way?
Finding Common Ground Between Technological Innovations and the Development of an International Dispute Resolution Profession, Prof. Manuel A. Gómez, 13 March


Alternative Dispute Resolution … meet the Courtroom: Using Special Masters to Rethink US Civil Litigation, Mr. Merril Hirsh, 14 December


UNCITRAL Day @ HKU: Technology and Electronic Communications in International Arbitration, Ms. Vee Vien Thien, 17 December


Fireside Chat with ADR Practitioners How to Handle Difficult Parties in Mediation, Mr. Hughes Tang, 23 February

Research Methodology in Action: Experiences from Civil Justice and Empirical ADR Scholarship, Prof. Deborah Hensler, 27 March

Regulation of Commercial Arbitrators: 
The Role of Markets and Social Structures in Regulating Behaviour, Mr. João Ilhão Moreira, 26 September


Understanding the Mediation Process, Dr. Guru Dhillon, 28 September


Scaling up Dispute Resolution for Deliberative Democracy in Public Policy: 
What is Needed for Success? Some Illustrations from Abroad, Prof. Carrie Menkel-Meadow, 27 June

Dispute Resolution in China: Has the Arbitral Market Opened Up?, Mr. James Kwan, 29 September

International Arbitration in China – Legal Counsel & Practice Perspectives, Mr. Johnathan Cheung, 4 October

Dialogue in Dispute Resolution Expansion of Commercial Mediation in Hong Kong, Mr. Vod K. S. Chan, 8 November

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Introduction to an International Legal Career, Rohan Bilimoria, 24 February


The Art of Persuasion before International Tribunals, Ms. Mahnaz Malik & Mr. Zannis Mavrogordato, 21 September

  Client’s Best Interest v.s. Lawyer’s Integrity – A rivalry in mediation/negotiation?, Mr. Vod K. S. Chan & Mr. Law Sau Wai, 9 December

Reform of Investor – State Arbitration – The Role of UNCITRAL Working Group III, Ms. Isabella Seif, 22 March

Four Neuroscience Insights for Better Negotiating, Mr. Donald C. Peters, 18 April

Practicing International Arbitration in Asia: What’s the buzz?, Ms. Kate Apostolova & Mr. Xin Liu, 4 October

Conferences and Seminars

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