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Call for Papers: Advances in Comparative & Transnational ADR: Research into Practice

The Law Faculty at the University of Hong Kong will be hosting a research forum March 8-9, 2019 on Advances in Comparative & Transnational ADR: Research into Practice to which we  warmly invite submissions for consideration.

  1. The focus of the forum is on exploring the challenges and opportunities of understanding and assessing developments in systems of dispute resolution in diverse social and political contexts through comparative research.  Papers may cover topics such as practical considerations in conducting comparative work in the field of transnational and cross-border dispute resolution, insights from recent multi-country studies, and consideration as to how research may inform policy reform in ADR institutions regionally and transnationally. We hope the forum will facilitate research collaboration that will also translate into positive policy applications and directions for future study.

  1. For those wishing to submit a paper for consideration:

a) By 10 December 2018, please e-mail us:

(i) an abstract of your paper (up to 200 words);

(i) your biography (100 words);

(iii) indicate whether you intend to submit your paper for the conference publication; and

(iv) indicate whether you have any objections to being a discussant at the forum.

Submissions may be sent to:

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